Khagrachari-Mahalchhari-Rangamati road is 11 km south of the district headquarter, 4 km west of the main road at Nunchari Mauja of Sadar upazila, the position of the peaceful pond of eternal peace. This goddess pond is located on the top of the hill at 700 feet height from sea level. It is said that the water-goddess itself has excavated this pond for the purpose of preventing water from local residents. Local people consider the blessings of god in the pond water. The pond’s water never drips even after the position of the pond is very high due to the miracle of the god. Each year, thousands of people from various communities of Chaitra Sankranti visit to visit the pond. The pandal of legendary goddess is worshiped to Tripura people.

Tripura is organized here in Chaitrai every year and Tantrik Bidhanamtha Tripura provides knowledge. In the language of Tripura, the name of goddhapukur is matae pukheer. Mata means god and pooki means pond. Dense forest around the pond looks like the beauty deity is standing in front of itself. There were two settlements beside this high hill. The zamyya of this settlement once used to cultivate zoom on that hill. At one stage of cultivating zum, he was not allowed to cultivate that mountain, to make him dream. But even without the importance of the dream, even after repeatedly forbidding the dream, he continued to cultivate zoom as usual. Last night, he was asked to eat zombie harvest by hellbill, and in doing so, he was told that he would get some more money. But Jwira did not have any faith and strength to fulfill this demand. A few days later, there was a devastating earthquake on the ninth night of the night. In the morning, people from around the world can see the big water on the hill in place of jum. This water is known as the god pond.

This goddess is filled with water in the rain during the monsoon and it is not dried any time of the year. A wide range of mountains around the pond Its position on the east-west side is approximately 700 feet tall. The pond size is approximately 1500 feet in length and about 600 feet in width.