Myung’s forehead / elephant mooring of Parachara union of upazila sadar of Khagrachari district is a mountain high way. Many of the locals again call the elephant head. The name of Chakma – Edo Sir Mone Many people call it heaven stairs and say. People from 15 villages, traveling on this route in a remote, deserted steep mountainous direction. Sadar upazila and Matiranga upazila and border areas of Bhingamura, Badlchhra, Makhan, Tisra Para, Kanipa Para, Hajra Para, Bagra Para, Keshab Mahajanapara, Sadhpara, Kaptlaparara to ease the life of a simple 308 feet long iron made stairs


The trekking is roughly because of the hardships it will have to go through short shorter hills. You must take water and dry food.