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Locally, Hazamachara Jharna belongs to Rangamati, but it is better to travel to Khagrachari to travel. It is also known as Shuknachara Falls. The name given to the local mountain range of this fountain is Chit Jurani Thangzhang Jharna (Man Shanti Jhorna). From Khagrachori’s Dighinala to Hazagara, you will be seen in the nature’s own hand drawn scenario. The stream of the waters of the Maini River touched the arrow. Waters flowing across the banks of the river, in the hills of the river. Indigenous people living across the street. Various Zoom Fields on the way. Hagarajara huge jharna (jhorna) will be welcome to reach the side of the green jungle. Comparing the appearance of Hazara in the whole year, she herself

Hajachora Waterfall is a place to be softer on the way back to Sakeek Valley. It is located in Baghaighat area of ​​Sajek union of Baghaichori upazila in the Rangamati (Rangamati) hill district. Baghaichhari is situated near the 10th street of the famous popularity of these showers. A 15-minute walk from the road can be reached by footsteps at the foothills.

Excellent wonderful and gorgeous shower. It is so beautiful and the exception is that no one will ever delay it. The mind will want to go downstairs. At the bottom of the fountain, bathing can be done to remove the bath. The long tired walk will be washed away in the water of the water. The cold water of the spring water will make you wandering for a while but for the return you will have to walk again.

When is the time to rotate the springs of time?

There is water throughout the year here. In winter the flow of water decreases. And to be full of youth is full of youth. But it is a good decision to go around before the winter and after the rainy season. Just around the fountain, green cushions Zoom farming in the adjacent hills. In the mountains of the zoom, the zum crop field adds a different green.

How to go

If you want to go to Hazarcha Forno, you must first go to Khagrachari. Khagrachari has direct bus from Dhaka’s Kamalapur, Sayedabad, Fakirapul, Kalabagan. Any one of the survivors of St. Martin’s AC Bus, S. Alam, Saudi Arabia, Peace Transport, and Shyamoli Paribahan can survive. The non-AS will count to Tk 520. And at the rate of Tk 700 If you come from Chittagong, you have to go to Oxygen or Kadamtali BRTC bus terminal. Oxygen has peace transport and local buses and BRTC from Kadamtali. To come from Chittagong, we have to pay 180 to 220 rupees. Khagrachari, bus, motor cycle, Chand car to go first, Dighinala.

Or you can reach Dighinala directly from Dhaka via peace transport.

Dighinala bustaminal to motorbikes or moans, before the Baghahat, 10 number of steps to reach the ferry to finish 15 minutes walk. From Khagrachari to Dighinalara Hazargara-Teduchara, or to come to Ramgarh, the cost per capita will be 400 taka.

Number of buses from Dhaka to Khagrachari

St.Martins Transport – Arambagh 017626691341, 017626691340. Khagrachari: 017626691358.
Shyamoli Transport – Arambagh: 02-714-291. Kalyanpur: 9003331, 8034275. Asadgata 8124881, 912454. Dampara (Chittagong) 01711371405, 01711377244.
Shanti Transport- Dhaka Khagrachori Rental Tk 520, Dighinala 580 taka, Panchcharhi Tk 580, Maroon 600, Moini and Marisa Tk 650. A car from Saidabad left for Khagrachhari at 8:00 am. There are four cars from 10am to 11.15pm. At 10pm the car was drinking. Night of the night is 10.45 meters. The night at 11.15 the car went to Merseyside. All the cars left Gabtali 1 hour before the time of Sayedabad. Sayedabad – 01191213438. Arambagh (Dhaka) – 01190994007. Oxygen (Chittagong) – 01817715552.
Number of buses from Chittagong to Khagrachari

Khagrachari can also go from Chittagong. BRTC AC Bus Kadamtali (Chittagong): 01682385255. Khagrachari 01557402507

Where to eat

There is no arrangement for eating or eating around the Hazafara Fountain. During the fountain, you can take some dry food and adequate water. Or traditional Restaurant Restaurant location at Pankhai Para near Khagrachari city. Here you can eat traditional diets of Khagrachari. Contact: 0371-626634, 01556773493, 017390632222 From here you can visit New Zealand from the neighborhood. The rent will be like 10 bucks.

Where will it be

Khagrachari is a good place to go to Khajrachari for going to see the Hazazhra False, you have to stay in Khagrachari. Khagrachari has many residential hotels for tourists. Double room non-AC 1050 taka, double AC room 1500 rupees, VIP suite 2500 taka, beside the banks of Chengi river at the entrance of the city. In addition, there are Hotel Gairing and Cantonment area in Milanpur district headquarter in Hotel Ekokhari. There are accommodation and lodging facilities. Khagrachari Bazar area Hotel Al-Masud, Hotel Lobby, Hotel Four Star and many hotels can stay at Sulvay.

Some hotel’s phone numbers are given:

Tourism Motel: 62084 and 62085
Hotel Saul Golden: 61436
Ziran Hotel: 61071
Hotel Libyan: 6120
Chowdhury Budding: 61176
The Three Station: 62057
Four Station: 62240
Gift: 61980
Hotel Neilay 01556-7722206

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