Lakkatura Tea Garden is situated near Osmani Airport in Chaukidhenki Upazila of Sylhet district. Green Banani is surrounded by the northern side of Sylhet city, the Lakkatura Tea Garden. It is an official tea garden under the National Tea Board. Its position across 1293 hectares or about 3200 acres. From the Amberkhana point of Sylhet, 1.5km forward towards the airport, you will see Lakshatura Tea Garden signboard. About 500,000 kg of tea is produced annually from one of the largest tea gardens of Bangladesh.

The main gate from the airport road right to the garden. The tea factory and rubber factory will be left on the left side of the gate. Although there are tea gardens in Lakkatura, two outposts of Dalhali and Kwachharan have been built in the rubber garden. After moving the factory, you can see that there is a high level crossing on top of the hill. These are the garden manager and assistant manager’s bungalow. If you want to go to the factory and the bungalow, you will have to get permission from the authorities. And if you want to just walk in the garden, you can go inside the main gate asking the guard to go inside.

Located on the Lakkatura tea garden, the largest and the first tea garden in the sub-continent of Bangladesh, is located in the Malianichara Tea Garden.