Marmaid Echo Resort

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The main attraction of Cox’s Bazar tourists is the island of Pacharadia near Inani. On the one side, the Zambon-rich seaside, the other side of the high hills. Around 84 kilometers of Cox’s Bazar Marine Drive Road, it has reached faraway Teknaf with the middle. On the west side of the road (adjacent to the Reju Canal) the deserted island of Paanchardia village. This is the name of a heaven for the travelers, and the name of the oyster island. There you will be completely noisy Where you do not even come to tease Maritime Eco Resort, near Causeway city, Catalunya Autorickshaw straight rejuvenes. From the road, on the banks of the trees, the small and big cottage in the eyes. Clutter comes down to the ears by climbing down the big road slope. Roondur of Bharadupura by jhikekar jhikekar on two sides. Next to the reception room, someone handed a bunch of colorful flowers to the hands. After that comes the welcome drink, that is welcome drinks from the tree planted in the dub. Finishing the work of the bungalow to finish the coconut water. The name of the bungalow that has been arranged is to remember once the hard road lover squid. The rest of the whole 30 villas and Bangla names are also the same.

But the room is really like giving up the mind. Outside of the hut, just like the hut showcases the most modern amenities. The mind becomes well in front of the bath. Shampoo made from plastic bottles made from glass bottles, instead of shampoo in glass bottles. Again it is covered with green leafy leaves. Two handpumps on both sides, hanging flowers. Soap, shampoo has been kept in a long coconut shell. All things that are harmful to the environment at Marmaid Echo Resort have been used as little as possible. All the bungalows have been built keeping the natural environment of the oyster island. The Yoga Center, Spa, Boat Tour, Conference Room, Theater is all arranged in this environment-friendly holiday resort center. Architect Ziauddin Khan has designed the original design of the Marmaid Eco Resort.

There is no racket or a racket. If the sun comes out in the afternoon, then the mind becomes furious. At this time boat is also good for traveling out of the boat. If you walk through the rows of Bengal and the coconut trees, the traces of the reju canal are found. In the water of the seashere resu khal water started to catch the blue color. Bhaari Sampan goes to Badshahi. Away away from the horizontal ocean where the boat will stop and an unknown unknown on the other side. Puppies red churning team will run fast in the sand. An oasis in the air rises in the air, and the salute will be a huge jabon Then rush into the deserted seaside, and get lost. You will not find any flaw that will pass by. Even after returning to return to return, there is no reason.

As long as you are scared, if you do not sit at the bottom of the boat club, then you will miss a lot if you do not sit there. Full moon in the sky, huge waterway in front of the sea. Surprisingly, all the areas are drowning. If you want to sit down and sit down till the deep night. You do not have to come to tease a kayakatii

Way to go

Cox’s Bazar can run CNG-run auto-rickshaw from the Kolkata-based oyster island. Rent will cost around Tk 200 Also, go straight to CNG from Cox’s Bazar airport. It takes only 20 minutes.

Where will it be

There are many types of bungalows in the Marmaid Echo Resort. But before booking go to be arranged for booking the bungalow. The resort has 30 cottages. There are various categories of rooms in the cottage. In the first category, the cottage room rent is Tk 2,500 to 6 thousand and in the second category 8 thousand to 16 thousand taka. The three star hotel has all the facilities at the resort.


Phone: +880 01841416464-9

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