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Air Force Museum, Bangladesh’s first aircraft museum located in Agargaon, Dhaka. This museum was inaugurated in 2014 with an effort to preserve and develop the history, success and development of the glorious heritage of Bangladesh Air Force and to the new generation. The Bangladesh Biman Museum at Agargaon, situated in the capital, has 19 aircraft and 3 radars. In the meantime, 3 aircrafts are used by the Indian Air Force in the Great War of Bangladesh. Later, the aircraft were presented to the Indian Air Force Bangladesh. A huge courtyard will be seen when entering the museum inside. Throughout the whole spectrum, the Bangladesh Air Force witnessed the glory of militants, helicopters and radars standing in rows.

The museum is arranged mainly by helicopter and aircraft of different times. Among these are remarkable:

Bolacah, the first passenger plane of Balaka Bangladesh. This Russian-made plane comes to Bangladesh in 1958.
Air Tourer: This aircraft is used for training. The 1997 New Zealand made plane was added to the Bangladesh Air Force.
PT-6: In 1985, this Chinese aircraft was added to Bangladesh Airlines.
Fugashi M-170: Created in 1960 in France, this aircraft was added to the Bangladesh Air Force in 1997.
Gladiar: This aircraft was brought to Bangladesh in 1982 for the air experience of Bangladesh Air Force.
AirTek Canadian DAH 3/1000: The Canadian-made bomber made a successful operation at the Port of Sudra in 1971 liberation war.
Hunter Air: During the War of Liberation, India uses this aircraft to protect Bangladesh from the enemy of the land. The aircraft was presented by the Indian Air Force to the Bangladesh Air Force.
There are also FT-5, MiG-21, G NAT, F6, A5-111

A food court has been built on the south side of the courtyard to provide food for visitors to the museum. Besides, the Souvenir Shop ‘Niladri’ has been equipped with various accessories of Air Force. In order to increase the entertainment and encouragement of the children, the children’s park has been set up at different points of the pavement. The portraits of giraffes, chimpanzees, deer etc. It has been named ‘Children Heaven’. There are also water fountains. Besides, the theme park is being built on the hills.

Museum Schedule:

Air Force Museum is open from 2pm to 8pm on Monday and Saturday from 10am to 8pm on Saturday. Sunday’s weekly holiday.

Ticket Price:

Collect tickets worth 20 taka and enter the museum. There are 30 taka for tickets to be taken in the helicopter or on the plane.

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