Vijay Singha Dighi

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Bijoy Singh Dighi, the founder of the famous Sena Dynasty, Amar Kirti of Vijay Sena. Bijan Singh Dighi is situated in front of Feni Circuit House in Vijay Singha village, about 3km west of the city of Feni. The idyllic beauty of this lake is around 37.57 acres. Located in a very beautiful natural environment, this dighir’s quadrangle is very tall and decorated with trees. Vijay Singha Dighi is one of the traditional Dighies of Feni. Visitors visit the district and from different places of the country to visit this dighi. This place, which appears in the footsteps of tourists every afternoon, seems as if the place is cosmopolitan. This is an ideal place for those who want to go to nature for a bell or spend time with pure water and wind.

The location of the Dighi at the Zero Point in Feni City. It is reported that the Dighi is excavated some 5-7 hundred years ago in order to eliminate the blindness of the daughter of an influential king of Tripura Maharaja. In the local language, the daughter is called Zee. When the Feni subdivision was established in 1875, its headquarters was built on the banks of the Rajaji Dighi. The National Heart Foundation, along with Feni Sadar Police Station, Feni Court Mosque, Officers Club, Zilla Parishad, and Children Park, has been established at Dighi. A total of 10.32 acres of land is one of the historic and spectacular places of Feni.

The location of the Feni Circuit Haze, 3 km west of Feni Trunk Road Zero Point.

How to get Vijay Singha Dighi

Here is the addition of CNG to District Trunk Road Zero Point from Penang Railway Station. Or with the rickshaw, with the traffic of Mahipal Traffic Point, Circuit House Road can go by Vijay Singh Dighi.

Where will Feni be?

– Feni Circuit House (adjacent to the tourist site)
– District Parishad Dak Bungalow (situated 3 kilometers away from the tourist spot, located at Mizan Road, can be heard with rickshaw or CNG auto rickshaw).
– LGED Rest House (Located near Feni Comilla Road, located 4 kilometers away from the tourist site, rickshaw or CNG auto rickshaw – can be seen).
– The rest house of the Water Development Board (located 2 kilometers away from the sighted site, located beside the S, K Road, rickshaw or CNG auto rickshaw – can be visited).
– The rest house of the Pali Vidyut Samiti, located about 1.5 km southwest of Mahipal junction (4 km away from the tourist site, located near Feni Comilla road – can be made by rickshaw or CNG auto rickshaw -).
– Hotel Midnight, Zaharia Mosque Market, S. S., K. Road Alapani: 0331-6223 / 01733-585956 (located 2 kilometers away from the sightseeing spot, located near S KK Road, Rixa or CNG auto rickshaw – can be used ).
– Hotel Gazi International, S. S. K. K. Road, Feni, Alapani: 0331-624401 / 01711-123454 / 01714-267305 (located 2 kilometers away from the tourist site, located beside S KK Road, Rixa or CNG auto rickshaw – To go).

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