Kulumchara is located in Gowainghat upazila of Sylhet. Actually it is the end of a fountain of India. The origin of this Kulumchara is from the water of the fountain flowing from Meghalaya. It is located in the village of Kulumchara, but its name is Kulumchara, but due to its sound, it can be named kulumurra easily. Sylhet always tourists’ pilgrimage. And in the rainy season all the waterfalls are full of youth, now these places are inevitable. Rainfall in the rain water at this time, the people of this rushing to see. Sylhet is surrounded by the Meghalaya mountain range.

A village of Kulumchara on the border of Sonar Hat in Goingghat upazila of Sylhet. Here the fountain of Indian border is known as Kulumchara Jharna. Leave the trawler from Haidarpar of Gowainghat in Sylhet. Find yourself once in the open wilderness. You can understand your destination very closely. You will see that he came to the foot of the mountain. It’s pretty amazing around. The sound of the shower will come in the ears. Now walk away from the boat and walk through the jungle. Will see the sound of the shower grow stronger. Falling on the fountain water, the Bangladesh is falling on the edge.



Here the water flowing in the water is very high, similarly in the Bangladesh border. So be careful while coming here and bathing. Here you will find various species of plants, orchids, herbs and shrubs. It is good to go to the morning to see the Kulumchara Fountain. And should come back before evening. Because, here, the breath will be lost in the crash. And the border area, come back before the daylight runs out. Do not go deep into the spring.

When will you go

Between mid-June to October, the time is good time to visit Kulumchara. The best time is from July to October.