Moinat Ghat, Dohar

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Moinat Ghat is located in Dohar of Dhaka, where you will be fascinated, will be looking at the wonders of the river Padma. Seeing the boat of fishermen roaming in Padma and walking on the banks of the Padma, for a little while, you will feel that you are now on the beach in Cox’s Bazar, not in Doha. Basically for this reason many people are saying Moinat Ghat Mini Cox’s Bazar.

The rainy season is suitable for visiting Moinot Ghat. The lower part of the road on both side of the road, where peas are cultivated throughout the vast oceans, all of them are submerged in the Padma. She is a sight to see. Dry also has no beauty. Then there will be the calm form of the Padma. One evening, when you see the sunset in the Padma river, remember the next one hundred evening. A lot of people are coming here due to being around Dhaka, they are turning around. With speedboats, trawlers or fencing, many are roaming on the chest of Padma.

Nawabganj route can be seen on the Moinot Ghat if you wish to see it along with some other tourist sites such as Jajbari, Ukilbari, Ansar camp, playhouse house and Nawabganj. If the residents want, they can easily take a day trip to this small Cox’s Bazar Moinot Ghat in Dohar.


If the speedboat is going to run from Moinot Ghat to Char Bhadrasan of Faridpur, then it will be worth 160 rupees. Can carry 10 to 12 people. It takes 16 to 17 minutes for the speedboat to run from Monnet Gate to Speedboat. 20 minutes if the Padma waves According to Mohammed Akash, a speedboat operator of Moinot Ghat, the speedboat reserve for 20 minutes will be counted as Tk 2,000 for traveling in the Padma. It would be better to rent a few shares. And one thousand rupees for ten minutes. If you want to reserve the trawler for the Padma, then you have to count 500 to 1000 rupees for 1 hour. Of course, you will be sure to bastard. Trawler information was found from the trailer driver Rubel. According to information provided by boat driver Shahidul Islam, if you want to take a small boat with engine, you will have to charge 300 to 600 rupees in one hour.

Moinat Ghat way to go:

The most convenient way to get to Moinot Ghat from Dhaka is to sit in front of Golap Shah’s shrine from Gulistan and sit in front of Jamuna for the Moinat Gate. 90 rupees for rent and for two and a half hours you will reach the Moinot Ghat. On returning, the same bus will return to Dhaka again. The last bus left from Moinot for Dhaka for the evening at 6pm.

From the same place of Gulistan you can also come to N Mallick transport. In this case, you will have to go to Najabganj’s Majhirkanda. Rent 70 Taka Door’s Basharatla in local Autoa from Majhirkanda. Rent 15 Taka If you want to take the place of Lakshipiprasad, you can also see the old house named Poddarbari. If you want to visit these spectacular places, then you will have to go to Kalakopa before Majhirkandar, and the house of Jajbari, Ukilbari, Kokilpari, the house of the playdresser, which is called the house of the house. However, after coming to Balaktala from Majhirkanda, Kartikpur will have to reach another local auto. Rent 15 Taka Moinot Ghat from Kartikpur Bazar to another Auto. Rent 10 taka 20 rupees if the rickshaw

You can also visit Gulistan’s city from Phulbaria. Rent 90 Taka City Transport does not use Nawabganj route. This bus comes to Munshiganj. In this case you have to get to Kartikpur market. You can also cross the Babubazar Bridge of Dhaka from Kadamtali to Shinji. Local CNG comes from Kadamtali to Kartikpur Bazar with rent from 180 rupees to 200 taka per person. Apart from the Jamuna transport or N Mallik Transport, which leave the place of Gulistan, the same place known as Jaipara Transport, also left the minibus from the same place.

Those who want to take private cars or bikes can use this bus route. The benefits will be to come. It came from Kadamtali crossing the Babubazar Bridge and reached Takharpur-Galimpur on the route of Nawabgon to the center of Joypura in Dohar. Earlier this bus had come directly to Moinot Ghat. It’s not coming after Jayapara for several years. If you want to go to Gulshan and Jaipara from this minibus, you will have to pay 60 rupees to eight taka. There is a provision for bansamami. Kartikpur local auto rental from Jaipara Tk 20 There is a system of coming from Mohammadpur in Dhaka. Connakhola from Atibazar, Atibazar, CNG or one type of rooftop tempo from CNG station of Mohammadpur biribid. Any one of the buses from Konakhola to Dohar-Nawabganj will be over. Those who are around Gabtali or Savar, they can come directly from Nahabganj in local city CNG from Hemayetpur. Rent 120 Or if you do not get CNG directly from Hazratpur from Hemayetpur, Paragarh from Hazratpur, crossing the river in the boat and Nawabganj Sadar in another CNG.

Where to eat

Most people would like to eat the renowned hilsa of Padma, sitting on the banks of the Padma. There are two rice hotels in Moinot Ghat. One athahara Chowdhury Hotel, the other is Julhas Bhuiyan Hotel. Athara Chowdhury Hotel Hilsa 60 to 90 taka If you want to eat bigger hilsa, you will have to order beforehand. Apart from boal 80 to 100 taka, shrimp 60 to eighty rupees. Rice 10 rupees plate. And there is a food shop called Shikdar Fast Food in Kartikpur Bazar, Dhaka Hotel and other rice hotels. Another important thing is, do not forget to eat traditional sweet of Kartikpur. Many of the sweet sweets here also send abroad.

Niranjana confectionery store, Muslim suites, Ranjeet confectionery store, and some other sweet shops are here. Chancellor juice from 180 to 200 kg kg General juice 150 kg kg Fantastic and blackjack
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