Not the Kaikrudong or Tajingdong, the head of the mountain is one of the top mountain peaks of the Sakaafafang mountain of Bandarban which is also known as Medak Taung or Modak Tuang. On the ancient maps, this is written by Madal Tung. Someone says it will be a big drink Local residents say Muronga is called Border Hoom The bombs say it is tricky, many guides are also called by this name. GPS topping maps, US Topography maps, Russian Topography maps, Google Map, Google Earth, Travel Bangladesh, adventure bids, and GPS readers, which are now known as Sakhaafang – are one of the highest mountain peaks of Bangladesh. According to measurements, 1050 meters or 3445 feet (surveyed 12 December 2014).

Course location of Shakhamfang: 21.7864 ° N, 92.6100 ° E