War Cemetery is now one of Chittagong’s tourist spots in the grave of the dead in World War II. It is located in the Mehdibag Golf Hill area of ​​Chittagong. In the Battle of the Indo-Burma in World War, the soldiers of the allied forces who were killed in the attack by the Azad Hind Fauj, were buried in the natural environment of the Badsha Mia Road in Chittagong. It has been given the aesthetic version of this war that has been placed on the pages of history. Excellent arranged atmosphere will give your mind a spell. Many tourists were watching the tomb standing on the banks of the hill.

By entering the main gate of War Cemetery, the first sight will be seen in the middle of the grave, with a spectacular cross-marked altar. There are forty species of trees in the beautiful natural environment of the war mausoleum. There are fir trees, roar, mahogany, eucalyptus, palm trees. Apart from this, hundreds of native and foreign flower trees, including Gandharraj, Belly, Patabahan, Lenthena, Rose Letterlif, have created an indescribable cosmic fascination in the tomb. At the same time, another symmetry was made in Comilla Mainamati. There is a cemetery of 755 soldiers in this war symmetry, which is about 7 acres of land on Badshya Mia road in Mehedibagh of Chittagong city. There is no fee required to enter here.