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Kekrodong is the fifth highest mountain in Bangladesh. Its height is 317 feet. It is located in Ruma upazila of Bandarban of Bangladesh. This time it was the highest mountain of Bangladesh. Although modern research has proved this information wrong. At present, the highest peak of the country is Saikafafong or vintak tung. The peak of Keokrudong seems to wash away from the distance. White cloud covered Due to the dangers of being flown The rain-wind-clouds occupy time around the summit.

How to go

If you want to go to Kaokrudong you will have to go Bandarban first. Many transport companies leave the bus to Bandarban every day from various places in Dhaka. You can go to Bandarban riding on one of the buses such as Shyamoli, Hanif, Unique, S Alam, Dolphin. They leave for Bandarban at Kalabagan, Sayedabad or Fakirapul at 10pm or around 11:30 pm. Rs. 550 per house for non AC bus AC 950 Taka

Chittagong can go to Bandarban. Pudali and Purbani Paribahan buses from Baddharhat to Bandarban are settled. These buses are priced at Tk 220 per person.

Now you have to go from Chandpur to Bandarban. From Ruma to the boat will be to Ruma Bazar, it takes about an hour to boats. There are some hotels to stay in the Ruma market, but should go to Bagalak within the day, Ruma Bazar must reach around 4pm, after 4pm the army and the new Chan’s car do not allow to go to Baga Lake. Chandra’s car from Ruma Bazar takes 4 hours to Bagha Lake.

According to the rules, you will need to guide yourself to travel anywhere from Ruma Bazar to the mountains, the guide service charge 500 Rupees per day. Guide guides are available in the market if you have them. With the guide, go to the army camp and register the name, address, phone number etc. according to the rules. If there are large groups, you can prepare a list beforehand with a name, address, occupation, phone number and contact number in the home.

From Bandaraban to Ruma Upazila Sadar, the cost will be 80/100 rupees per person, or rented a full jeep, from 2200-2500 / – and from Ruma to Bagalek, if you rent 80-100 / – or the entire jeep, then 2200-2500 / -.

The service from Ruma Bazar or the Reserve Chad car will have to go by car as far as possible near Baga Lake or Baga Lake. Chand car goes to Bagalak in winter, in the rainy season, the last destination of Chand’s vehicle is in orange market. After about one-and-a-half hour journey in the car, the orange market will come. After that you have to walk on foot (trek). This is a wake up call for those who are going up the hill. After half an hour (1 hour walk slowly) you will reach the beautiful beautiful Bagalak on the top of the mountain. Generally, the tourists spend their night at Bagalake. The next day, wake up early in the morning and guide with the guide for the Kekkradong. It will take three to three hours for three hours to walk very relaxed.

Where will it be

Residential House Reservation at Bagha Lake – This number can be contacted (Laram Bam-01552376551). However, because of network deficiency, it can not be connected to Nambi for most of the time. Here a modern rest house of Hill Development Board is under construction. Within a few days, there will be an opportunity for night to be there.

Besides, the guide will fix the cotes for you. Rent 120-150 taka per person There are several cottages in the ground floor of the two floors. But there is a good name for the name of the fast-paced Coyage. And if you want to stay in the Kokrudong night, you will find a restaurant before you can reach the Kokrudong Chowk and arrange it for them to have a cottage. The rent is similar to Bagalake.

Where to eat

You can eat in the cottage where you live. Or you can cook a chicken if you ask the guide to cook yourself. They do not have food at all 100-120 taka. However, if anybody wants to eat any meat as cow or khasi, Muslims should not eat it. In my opinion, to eat the best vegetarian food or chicken, let them cook for themselves. Apart from Bagalake, you can eat at Kokrudong at noon, the price of food is similar to the price of the same bagelake. Apart from going from Bagalak to Kekrodong, you can find some pahrenasaha also get some food shops such as tea, banana, bread and hawaii papaya, orange can eat.

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