About 3 km north of Ruperta-Bagerhat, about 10 kilometers north-west of Bagerhat city, there are about 3 kilometers from Jatrapur Bazar, Bagerhat sadar upazilas in Baruipara union’s Ayodhya village, on the eastern bank of the ancient Bhairab river, the Ayodhya Math or Kodala monastery. The World Heritage Site is about 10 km from the Shatgumbad Mosque. Mr. It is also known as Ayodhya Math due to the abode of the Math in Ayodhya village in the north. Locally known as the Ayodhya monastery is known locally. But there is also the identity of Kodalala Math. Kodala is the name of the surrounding village. At present, the Department of Archeology of Bangladesh has written it as Kodala Math. Almost the whole matha was once covered with terracotta fruit. It is an ancient Hindu temple.

The special attraction of the Ayodhya or Kodala monastery is the rich decoration beyond its beautiful craftsmanship. Anandasundara A Math is built on the square-shaped plot of square square. Its height is approximately 18.29 meters. The thickness of brick building monastery walls is 3.17 meters and the walls of each square are 2.61 meters long. The polished red bricks in the walls are very high.