Panam Nagar is one of 100 ruined historical cities of the world, which is located in sonargaon of Narayanganj district. Panam is the oldest city in Bengal. The people of the rich Hindu community once lived here. Was the muslin business of the muslin. There is nothing left in the ancient city. Now there are just a few of the historic old houses. World Monument Fund published Panam Nagar in the list of 100 world-renowned historic installations in 2006. Panam Nagar, capital of the year of Isa Khan, was the capital of Bengal. The big cities, the city of Khas, Panam Nagar – Panam among the three cities of the old Sonargaon were the most interesting. There are several hundred old old buildings, which are related to the history of Bengal’s Baroans. Located near Sonargaon near Narayanganj very near 27 km southeast of Dhaka, this city is located in Sonargaon. The city develops around 20 square kilometers of Sonargaon. Historically it is a city very important. It is known that in 1400 century a university was established where the low-cost teachers of the world used to come to study. It is known that there was a servant market here.

There are 52 establishments in the colonial period at the two sides of Panama City. There are 31 in the north and 21 in the south. In the architecture of the structures, a mix of Mughal artistry is seen with European art. Panam City has been built with perfect design. Almost every house has a well-appointed landscape with wells. For the city’s water supply, the number of canals and ponds are noticed. Apart from residential buildings, there are places of worship, bath room, pantry, darbar hall etc. There are more structures around the city of Panam, such as small Sardar’s house, Isha Khan’s arcade, Nilkuthi, merchant settlement, Thakur house, Panam Nagar bridge etc. There is also a fascinating folk art museum here.