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Starbazaar Resort has been established by Tawki-Bipasha in Rajbari Alo of Sreepur upazila of Gazipur. The leisure center, which houses around 25 bighas, has many facilities including dighi, artificial shower, meeting room, swimming pool. Nattrabarbari is also a popular name for nature devotees and tourists. The special features of this are 11 cottages made of wood and bamboo on pond water. In the verandah of the night or the full moon is seen. Not only this, to get lost in nature, the beauty of the cottage are beautiful. It can be heard sitting here frogs, screaming insects, junky light spreading tips, lamp lights, glow. The cottage made with gajari trees on the western side of the pond, Six cottages are covered with cottages. There is a house situated on the east side of the pond in the British period. There is a small swimming pool in the east. There is also one more building cottage. There is also a conference room and meal hotel. And this hotel has Bengali, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Continental food. There are various types of trees. There are 40 full-time officers and employees here.


Cottages on water 24 hours ten thousand and 752 taka. Building Cottage’s Rental Cabinets 8,222 and two-in-bed Tk 6,958. The entry fee for the visitors is 500 rupees.


Phone number: 02-9835173, 011921150563, 01771799410
Website: http://nokkhottrobari.com
Online Booking: http://nokkhottrobari.com/reservations.php

Way to go

With its own transport or passenger bus, Gazipur crossing will have to be reached at Rajabari Bazar of Dhaka-Kapasia highway. Later, the location of constellation in the village of Bangalpara of Chinishkhania village, 1.5 km south of Rajabari Bazar, which is a boundary area of ​​Kapasia-Sreepur.

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