Dubolhati Rajbari, Naogaon

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Dubolhati Jomidar Bari or Dubolhati Royal Palace is about 6km away from Naogaon city and is situated in Dubolhati Union of Naogaon district. Local people call it as Dubolhati Rajbari. The land area of this massive palace is about 5 acres. This is around a 200 years old building and carries histories. Dubolhati Rajbari was established by the Jomidar Kirshnanath Roy Chowdhury and later Harendra Ray Chaudhury became king by inheritance and did so many things for development like digging ponds near to the palace, establishing school. That’s why the entire palace area is still surrounded by ponds. This palace had at least three hundred spacious rooms, seven artistic separate veranda and two beautiful thrones made of gold and ivory. It was decorated by colorful glass and different kind of sculpture. But now the palace is abandoned as it has been destroyed by the Pakistani army during the war of independence in 1971.

The palace was a three storied building and had a reception hall, dining hall, private theatre, prayer hall, guest house, and a conference hall. But now, only two floors are left and doors and windows are missing. There is a watchtower which was built on the edge of the palace. A plastered motif is hanging on the internal entrance of the palace. There is a water well too. Some terracota bricks can still be seen there in the walls.


There are many bus services(both AC and non-AC) available from Dhaka to Naogaon. It takes about 5 and half hours by road to reach Naogaon from Dhaka.

Shayamoli Paribahan 350-450/=
Hanif Enterprise 350-450/=
Ekota Paribahan 350-450/=

Then tourists can go to Dubolhati Bazaar from Naogaon town by local transports.


There are many hotels to stay at Naogaon. The details of some hotels are given below-

Hotel Name Address Phone No.
Archaeological Rest House Paharpur 0571 89119
Hotel Agomoni Muktir Mor, Naogaon 0741-633512
Hotel Obokas Par-Naogaon, Santahar Road, Naogaon 0741-623563

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