Sitakunda is an Upazila of Chittagong district which is one of the oldest regions of human habitation in Bangladesh. Sitakunda has 280 mosques, 8 mazars, 49 Hindu temples, 3 ashrams, 3 Buddhist temples and some amazing spots which can draw tourist’s attraction such as Chandranath hill and Eco-park. Chandranath or Sitakunda peak is the highest peak in Chittagong District. The hill has zigzag paths surrounded by trees. The tourists can enjoy their mountaineering along with the natural view of numerous green trees and clouds. There are some low hill ranges as well. There are two waterfalls in the hills named Sahasradhara (thousand streams) and Suptadhara (hidden stream) and those have been being preserved. Sitakunda Botanical Garden and Eco Park, the first Eco-park was established here along with a Botanical Garden to facilitate new plantations and to attract tourists.