Shimul Bagan, Sunamganj

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‘Shimul Bagan’ is situated in the Jadukata river banks taking over 100 bighas of land in Tahirpur, Sunamganj. The garden also contains lemon trees. It appears like a field of Bombax that has been decorated by imaginary colors. The cloudy Mountains of India on the other side, Jadukata Nodi in between, and a forest of Bombax trees on this side, all together makes up an extraordinary spiritual display of nature. The garden was built 14 years ago on 2400 decimals of land by a rich businessman, named Jaynal Abedin, because of his personal desire. In spring, it catches the eyes of the tourists when the flowers bloom together in over 2000 trees.

When to go there:

The bloodstream beauty of the Shimul Garden can be enjoyed only one month of every year. You can see the trees covered in flower only if you go in the month of Falgun.

How to go there:

You can take Ena, Shemoli, or Mamun bus to reach Sunamganj from Dhaka, paying a fare of about 500 Taka. Alternatively, you can take the 9.50 PM train from Dhaka to Sylhet, paying a fare of 320 Taka. But you must book your ticket 1-2 day before, from the station or online. You will reach Sylhet by dawn. Then take the bus to Sunamganj from Kumargaon bus-stand. The fare will be 90 Taka and it will take 2 hours to reach there.

After reaching Sunamganj, hire one of the motorbikes standing on the opposite side of the new bridge to your next destination, Barek Tila River. It will take about 150-200 Taka and 2 person can ride in it. The bike will drop you in Jadukata River and you have to pay 5 Taka to reach the other side by ferry to the Barek Tila River. Ask any of the local tea stores there and they will show you the direction to the Shimul Garden. From there, you can easily walk to reach your destination.

The garden is a private property. So get permission before entering and do not do any such work that will make the garden dirty.

Where to stay:

You can stay in a rest house for 200-400 Taka in Barchhara Bazaar, near Barek Tila River. Also, you can stay in nearby Hotels for around 200-1000 Taka. Listed below are some of the places you can stay in.

Hotel Nur – Purbajar Station Road, Sunamganj.

Hotel Sarpinia – Jagannathbari Road, Sunamganj.

Hotel Nurani – Old bus-stand, Sunamganj.

Hotel Mizan – Purbo Bazaar, Sunamganj.

Hotel Palace – Old bus-stand, Sunamganj.

Surma Valley Residential Resort.

Where to eat:

You can eat in restaurants located in Barek Tila, Barchhara Bazaar, or near the lake in Tekerghat.

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