Mini Cox’s Bazar, Moinot Ghat

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Moinot Ghat is an amazing tourist spot which is situated in Dohar Upazila of Nawabganj near Dhaka. Lots of tourists go to this riverbank to get the natural wonderful view of Padma river. Sand of the river, waves, boats, sunrise and sunset give such type of views that tourists feel like they are in Cox’s Bazar sea-beach. That’s why it is called ‘Mini Cox’s Bazar’ as well. But the rainy season is the best time to visit this place as during this time, the riverside is filled with water and the high waves can be seen. Tourists can hire boat or trawler to enjoy the boat ride. Before going to mini Cox’s Bazar, tourists can also visit some other places such as Adnan Palace, Judgebari, Ukilbari etc.


Tourists can take bus named ‘Jomuna Poribohon’ from Gulistan to reach Moinot Ghat. It’s a direct bus service and it takes around 2-2.30 hours to reach there. There are some other bus services such as ‘Mollik Poribahan’, ‘Nagar Poribohon’.


There are hotels in Moinot Ghat and they serve delicious Hilsha fish fries and curries. Tourists can get the actual fresh taste of large and small Hilsha fishes of Padma. They offer various vorta, meats, daal as well.

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