Kirtonkhola river, Barisal

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Kirtankhola is a major river in southern Bangladesh. It is a famous river that starts from Sayeshtabad in Barisal district and ends into the Gajalia near Gabkhan khal (canal). It is also known as the Barisal River and it was the main transportation route to Barisal 50 years agoThe river has a great scenic beauty and its total length is about 160 kilometres. Tourists can take a boat trip and feel the natural beauty of the river. In british period, the river was wider and deeper. But the width and depth of the river had gradually been reduced. Naval Barisal river port is located on top of kirtankhola, which is the  second largest river-port. A village was formed at the bank of the river and tourists may go to the local markets and restaurants there.

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