Dhanbari Nawab Manzil, Tangail

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Dhanbari Nawab Manzil or Dhanbari Royal Resort is situated in Tangail district and is locally known as ‘Nawab Bari’. This the first heritage resort and only one of its kinds in Bangladesh. This palace was built by the Nawab Ali Chowdhury during 1919 to invite the British Lord Ronaldshay and now this is owned by his descendants. They have built several cottages inside the premise for the tourists for staying. The palace is truly very beautiful and has wonderful architecture. The entire palace is surrounded by a wall. Nawab Bari is south-facing and has long porch. There are adequate amount of stuffs and guards are around there to take care of everything so that inside the premise is very much neat and clean. Visitors can see Nawabi content from Mughal era in its verandah. There is a huge ‘dighi’ beside the palace and visitors can have boat rides there. Apart from these, there are horses and horse carriage for the visitors to explore the whole resort. There is a mosque beside the palace which was beautifully designed.

How To Go:

It would take approximately 2-3 hours to go Tangail from Dhaka City. There are some bus services available like Binimoy Bus service (Mohakhali-Dhanbari) and Nirala Bus service (Mohakhali-Tangail) but the best way is using private vehicles to go there.

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