Lalbagh Fort (Lalbagh Kella) is one of the most popular and renowned forts which is located at Lalbagh of Old Dhaka and stands before the Buriganga river.

Lalbagh Fort consists of three buildings: 1. The mosque (west side), 2. The Diwani-i-Aam palace (east side), 3. The tomb of Pari Bibi (middle of east-west). A water channel with fountains connects the three buildings. The mosque is open for public for their daily prayer. The mosque has three domes. It has beautiful structure and Islamic Royal art. Diwani-i-Aam is the greatest part of the fort which was used as office in that time. There is a Hammamkhana (bath house) in the southern part of the building. Now this is serving as a museum which has materials like knifes, dress, guns from that time. The tomb of Pari Bibi was built and decorated using rich materials like marble stone, black basalt, tiles etc. The roof is made of black stones and the entire inner wall is covered with white marble. There is a central square room which contains the remains of Pari Bibi. The central room is surrounded by another eight rooms. There are three gateways to enter the fort. There are Royal garden and several secret tunnels in Lalbagh Fort.


It is also known as Fort Aurangabad. It is an unfinished Mughal fort complex whose construction was started by Mughal subahdar Azam Shah. But he didn’t complete that as he was called by his father Aurangzeb to the capital Delhi. Shaista Khan was the new subahdar of Dhaka in that time. He started to think the fort as ominous as his daughter named Iran Dukht (Pari Bibi) died there. So he left the structure incomplete.