Dhuppani Waterfall

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Dhuppani Jhorna is an amazingly beautiful fountain located in the village of Orachari in Farua Union of Bilaiichhari in Rangamati. The water of this fountain is very transparent and it falls down with a great speed from the rocky walls which is about 150 feet in height. Due to the intensity and height, the particles of water dump around and create a kind of vapor. The sound of the water can be heard from the distance of about 2 kilometers. A Buddhist monk started meditating under this fountain in the year 2000 and after that it became known to local people. Some wild animals like deer, bears etc roam around the fountain sometimes.


Bilaiichari can be reached from Kaptai by trawler within two hours. Then visitors can go to Uluchhari by reserved boat in one and a half hours. And then again by boat and after that by trekking, Dhuppani Jhorna can be reached.
There are some buses starting from Dhaka to Rangamati whose details are given below.

Shamoli Paribahan 02 -7541019 (Sayedabad counter)
02-7193910 (Arambag counter)
02-933364 (Fakirpul counter)
9:30 am
S Alam Paribahan 02-9331864 (Fakirpul counter) 8am and 10.15 am
Hanif Paribahan 01190-806447 (Gabtoli counter)
01191-125048 (Sayedabad counter)
8:30 am

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