Only three kilometers away from the Alikadam Upazila Sadar of the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bandarban, the tunnels of the natural mausoleum of Ali’s cave or Ali were tied in two hemispheres standing near the Matamuhuri-Taun canal. This cave is 150 feet above Jhari. But there is no end to the mystery of nature surrounding the cave. Ali is not aware of any accurate information about the tunnel naming. It is very difficult to get into the cave from the mountainous jhiri. To get to this cave a long time ago, it had to grow slowly with a dhoti or hill climber. Alikadam Senna Zune has set up three stairs to solve this problem of tourists. As a result, tourists do not have any problem. Can easily go to the cave philosophy. It looks terrible! This cave in the middle of the mountain is about 100 feet tall. There are two more caves beside him. Their length is almost the same. Dark inside the cave! Tight lights or fire torches have to be entered. But there is a warning, there are small large presses inside the cave. These buds can get frightened while flying. But they do not harm anyone, they are.


If Ali did not go before the tunnel, then take the guide. You can take them as guides. They are happy that they will be happy. Saddam-01831507293/01828933633, Khalek – 01837837591.