Nuhash Polli is located in Piroj Ali village (the largest village of Bangladesh) in Gazipur, near Dhaka. Late fame Humayun Ahmed has established this natural affinity Nuhash Polli. It covers around 40 bighas of land. It’s a nice place to visit with family and friends. It has plenty of trees, sheds, big grass fields, ponds, swimming pool, rest house, and some monuments. About 300 species of medicinal and fruit trees can be found within the precincts of Nuhash Polli. There is no dangerous or harmful animals and kids can play around all day long. Some small houses were built on a large tree in the middle of green field. There is a modern house named ‘Brishti Bilash’ on one side of a garden. Another attraction of Nuhash Polli is ‘Leelaboti Dighi’ which is surrounded by various trees. A wooden bridge has been constructed over this pond and a tent was also placed on an artificial island in the middle of the pond. A building called ‘Bhutbilash’ was built adjacent to the pond. There are many impressive sculptures like ‘Ma O Shishu’ (mother and child) at the entrance to Nuhash Polli, ghost- shaped and frog-like sculptures to amuse children, mermaid on the pond etc. Visitors can enjoy the view at night especially while watching full moon from here.