The ‘Dhanmondi Shahi Eidgah’ is located at Saat Masjid road in Dhanmondi residential area of Dhaka in Bangladesh. It is a monumental structure built during the Mughal Empire in 1640 CE. The Mughal subehdars and diwans living in this land used to come to the Eidgah for Eid prayers. People still gather at the place for Eid prayer congregation. As a matter of fact, conservationist architect Abu Sayeed M Ahmed once wrote, “This Eidgah is the oldest surviving Mughal monument in Dhaka city. There is no second one with the architectural forms and features similar to it.” (Source: A Daily Star report that was published on January 29, 2009). The Eidgah spreads over around 3.5 bighas of land. The Eidgah for Eid congregating was a platform measuring 148 feet by 137 feet in size raised from the surrounding land by 4–6 feet. It was oblong in plan, with thick brick walls enclosing the courtyard on all side except east. The 15-foot high west wall, the only surviving part of it, has a 5-foot deep four –centred and stilted arched semi-octagonal Mihrab with an inscription on top. It was decorated with multi-cusped arch and flanked by shallow subsidiary niches, three on each side. (Collected from Wikipedia)