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Thakurgaon is a district under Rangpur division which is in the north-western side of Bangladesh and borders India to the west. Thakurgaon consists of 5 upazilas, 6 thanas, 53 unions, 647 mouzas and 1016 villages. It is a beautiful district and it has many places to visit. There is an amusement park named ‘Funcity Amusement Park’ which is located at Dinajpur-Birganj-Pirganj Road, Thakurgaon-5110. There are some historical places in Thakurgaon such as, King’s Palace, Khunia Dhighi Memorial, Palace of King Tonko Nath, Haripur Rajbari, Ranishankail Jomidar Bari, Jagdal Rajbari. There are several mosques such as, Jomidar Mosjid at Shibganj, Balia Mosjid at Balia Union, Sangah Shahi mosque, Fatehpur mosque, Shalbari mosque and a temple named ‘Gorokkhonath temple’. There are various other places also which include natural beauty as well and those are Ramrai Dighi, the Tangon river, Senua Bridge, the river of Kulic etc.

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