Khoya Shagor Dighi is located in Dalalbazar of Lakshmipur district headquarters which covers an area of about 25 acres. The large length and width of ‘Khoya Shagor Dighi’ make one end look foggy from the other end. The fog is called ‘Khoya’ in local language and the dighi looks like ocean a bit, and that’s how it is named. Transparent water, view of blue sky and the green nature surrounding the dighi attract the tourists extremely. The Ministry of Tourism and the district administration have taken some special initiatives around the dighi to promote tourism.

Landlord Brajballav Ray dug this dighi to conserve water for people in about 1755. There are allegories associated with the dighi. It is reported that a bridegroom was taking his bride and got thirsty. So they stopped the journey to drink water. The bride also went down to drink water but something grabbed her two legs to pull her down. Then the bride had never returned. After that the place got a huge deep hole. During the severe drought, the hole doesn’t dry up even if the dighi becomes dry.