Prithimpassa Nawab Bari Mosque

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Prithimpassa Nawab Bari Mosque had been built in the late 19th century at Prithimpassa village of Kulaura Upazilla, Moulvibazar, Sylhet. The Nawab bari has a rich history. The Prithimpassa family has contributed hugely from time to time in the nation’s history so that the family is still respected by the people in the region.

The mosque has been rebuilt as the older original one was damaged during the 1897 earthquake. The older one had the architectural designs which differed from the Mughal times.

But the present mosque is based on Mughal designs. It has domes and arches and arabesque patterns and motifs on the walls, along with the pillars and the minarets. A flight of stairs have to be climbed up to enter the mosque. The ceiling is high. There is one larger dome in the middle with two smaller ones on its both sides. Inside the hall is the mehrab which indicates the Qibla.

The touch of art and artistict design of the mosque; the huge pond in front of the mosque; and the quiet environment make tourists feel good.

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