Kirstaung Hills

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The green carpet of grass and trees and the huge height of the hills which seem to touch clouds and sky, nothing is more enjoyable than to enjoy this kind of view. One can get this feelings from Kirstaung Hills. The location of the hills is in the Chimbuk Range of Bandarban. The hills give feelings to wonder and cherish the beauty of our beloved country. The height of this mountain is about 2,950 feet. The name ‘kirstaung’ comes from the words ‘kirsa’ and ‘taung’. ‘Kirsa’ is a type of small bird. In the Marma language, ‘taung’ means hill. A forest is surrounded by the Kirstaung Hills. Various species of extinct animals, birds and animals live here. The forest trees are seemed about of thousands years old.

How To Go:

From Dhaka, you must first go to Chakaria upazila of Cox’s Bazar. Then go to Alikadam by ‘Chader gari’. Then you have to go 17km area from Panbazar of Alikadam. Then take a walk on the Khemchong para as it locates below Kirstaung Hills.

And most importantly, hire a local guide to take you along the hill and take mental preparation as the entire road will have to be walked.

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