When it comes to the tea garden, it seems like Sylhet or Srimangal. The tall trees and hill surrounded by high bushy green tea trees But the tea gardens on flat lands can not be understood when Panchagarh does not come. Organic tea planted green tea plantations that have been planted in the Panchagarh district of the country’s northernmost district. Organic and Darjeeling varieties of tea are grown in this country only in Tantulia gardens. Already this tea has gained reputation beyond the country. Tentulia distance from Panchagarh is 35 kilometers Most of the tea gardens in Panchagarh are located in Tentulia. Among the tea gardens, Kazi and Kazi Tea Estate, Dahuk Tea Estate, Salilene Tea Estate, Tentulia Tea Company etc. are particularly notable.

Beautiful pucca road on plain land. The green will continue to fascinate you as much as you can. Shrubs of border are covered with greenery. The broad green on either side of the street At the time of greenery will go. In groups, women are constantly putting tea leaves hanging on their shoulders. Breathtaking scenes! The tea garden here is not as high as low as Sylhet or Chittagong, it is also flat, others look like. The green velvet sheets spread on both side of the street. There are numerous jarul trees in the vicinity of the garden, in the vicinity of flowers.

After the evening, these tea gardens came down to a different beauty. Ahamari she is beautiful When the moon comes after the evening it will feel like you are floating around in blue country. Cataracts are created in the light of the moon on the tea leaves. Think of Jonaki’s garden decorations. It seems that there is no other place outside the earth, a different world. Truly the fairytale country Come on in time, of course it will be good.