Baulai river is very tranquil and calm. The Surma river is joined by the south-flowing Someshwari River which is known as Baulai river. Tourists can visit the river if they go to Sunamganj and then Tahirpur. The river is near to Tanguar Haor. In winter, tourists must cross this river to reach Tanguar haor. The banks of Baulai river contain series of beautiful trees and those trees can survive under water also. Birds like White Egret (সাদাবক), Pankouri (পানকৌরি), Common Seagull (গাংচিল), Kingfisher (মাছরাঙ্গা) are seen in the winter season. People have built their houses keeping enough distance from the river. This river is the only way for local people for transporting. At early morning, fishermen can be found catching fishes by net.