Hakaluki Haor is one of Bangladesh’s largest and Asia’s larger marsh wetland resources which is situated in north-eastern Bangladesh. It covers a large area of about 181.15 km-square comprising Barlekha, Kamalganj, Kulaura, Moulvibazar Sadar, Rajnagar, Sreemangal, Juri upazilas. Those upazila is situated under Moulvibazar district and Sylhet division. It is bounded by the Kushiara river.

About 190.000 people have been found living in the surrounding haor area. A total of 558 species of animals and birds have been identified here, including some very rare, threatened, vulnerable, endangered species. Different types of plants and crops have been growed here as this haor basin supports numerous wetland habitats.

Hakaluki Haor was designated an Ecologically Critical Area (ECA). The beautiful landscape, water basin of Hakaluki attract tousists a lot. Besides Hakaluki haor has gained fame for bird watching sight.