Bogakain Lake is situated at Ruma Upazila in Bandarban  of Bangladesh which is also known as ‘Boga Lake’ or ‘Baga Lake’.  The sea is really high by its altitude as its height from sea level is nearly 1,246 feet (380 m).The area of the lake is 18.56 acres (75,100 m2). The lake contains sweet water and is irregular in shape. The water is crystal clear . Boga Lake is surrounded by mountain peaks on three sides covered with thick bamboo bushes. It is a blocked lake and there is a small spring named Boga chhara, which has depth of 153 metres (502 ft). The lake consists soft rocks in Bhuban shape. There are rocks and stones under the water. The water color of the lake depends upon the sun light, wetness and clouds. Usually the water shows greenish color due to the abundance of algae.

Geologists believe that it was shaped by gathering of rain water. But a local myth also says that the lake was shaped when the villagers of ‘Khumi’ village killed and ate a deity who later formed of a dragon. Then an earthquake happened and after that the village departed, hills collapsed and formed a deep lake.