The Buddha Dhatu Jadi, a beautiful Golden Temple (‘Shorno Mandir’ in Bangla)  is located close to Balaghata town in Bandarban city. This is the largest Theravada Buddhist Temple in Bangladesh. The temple is built on top of a (approximately 200 feet or 60 meters) high hill which is adjacent to the Bandarban-Rangamati road. The second largest Buddha statue in Bangladesh lies there and apart from this, here presides other smaller statues and a golden bell is set on a dragon. The dhatu is the material remains of a holy person, has been enshrined here below four statues of Buddha with the basic belief among Buddhists that it provides for peace of mind and happiness. There is a museum where the tourists can gain knowledge about the historical background of Buddhist religion. Many festivals are arranged here related to the religion. The area is covered with dense forest and there is also a pond on the hill. Tourists find it really attractive to see the temple with its surrounding environment of trees and mountains.