If you are a particular sea-loving traveler and did not visit The Magical Coral Island St. Martin yet well, this is the time to buckle up for your next tour to St. Martin.
Here you find all the details for a forever remembered trip to St. Martin, the only coral island in Bangladesh. Stay with us till the bottom to know every nook and corner about a tour towards Saint Martin.

  • Try to arrange the tour for two days staying, at least.
  • Don't forget to see and capture the beauty of the Naf River.
  • You can get things at an unbelievable cheap price. Bargain before you shop anything.
  • Make your plan during the winter only. Even if you manage to get there in other months anyway, the weather or surroundings may not come up to your expectations.
  • Do know your limitations bathing in seashore to avoid risk.


There was no accurate history when the island got to discover. Following ancient narration, St. Martin was identified by a subgroup of Arawaks about 3,500 years ago. Since then, with all the changes years after years finally, in the year 1900, the British Geographic Department declared it as a part of British-India.
The island is a total area of 8 square kilometers. Despite this small boundary, the breathtaking view is worth it.
The early history says the name of the island had named after a Christian saint "Martin." But according to other research, they claimed the island to be named after the district administrator "Martin" of that time as there is no clue about any Christian people or church's existence there. The place is also known by "Narikel Zinzira." The Arab named it earlier, as the people living there used to produce lots of coconut trees due to lack of drinking water.

What To Do:

Things you must try out while staying:
Since you are visiting Saint Martin for the very first time and tomorrow is never promised so don't leave any of the adventures you can do here while staying.

No matter how rushed you are in your tour schedule, make sure to do all of it once, at least.

Enjoy the sight fullest-
The magical view of nature is not less than a blessing to your eyes. The calmness is all you need to relax after your hectic work life. They have arranged benches to lie down there as much long you want by renting them per hour.

A blackout occurs in the morning when there is no electricity available. Besides, a large number of vehicles are prohibited from running there, which reduces noise pollution. And what else do you need to set a peaceful mind!

Cycling To Sea-shore-
You might want to see most of the island. It won't be possible to cover all the areas with your short timing. So, you can often rent a cycle and ride it on the sand, take pictures, and experience most of the regions of this only coral island.

You can go to the short tour to "Cheradip" also with your rented cycle. It is indeed a good deal.

Shopping at Beach-
You will eventually cross your path with beach shops. They have handmade products mainly and some of them from Myanmar as it is near the boundary.

You will find cosmetics, decoration pieces, different kinds of sea fishes and pickles there. The prices move higher and lower often, so don't forget to have a proper bargain before buying anything.

Delicious Fish Barbecue-
Barbecue of sea fishes is a must to do when you have come all the way here. These fresh fishes are unavailable in cities; that's why you will not want to miss this opportunity.

You can buy the fish of your choice and order to barbecue it. Or you can trust hotel restaurants. Though the price is a bit higher in restaurants, they have committed to serving you the best. In the meantime, you can use this opportunity relaxing instead of buying fish.

Places to visit:
Saint Martin is the island where all you want to do is laying back in front of the sea, hear the sound of the sea waves, and wish to chill here for a lifetime.

Other than the coral island, you can have a short trip to "Cheradip." Speed-boats, troller-boats, or local boats are available to reach there through the water. When there is no tide, you can either take a walk of 20 to 25 minutes or rent a cycle or van to get there.


Conclusive Words-
Saint Martin will consume your heart shortly after you arrive there. The mesmerizing natural scenes are worth enjoying every moment. At the end of everything, be back with lots of memories to your place safely.