The Zaynul Abedin Museum is a reminder of our late great art teacher Zaynul Abedin. The place holds his memories and an excellent work-life. If you have a deep love for art crafts as well as come from a similar professional background, add this place in your bucket list.


• All the visiting places are open, so planning a tour in the winter season would be more enjoyable than a summer midday's heat.
• Keep enough water available and be careful about hygiene.
• If you have any plan to step on the river, then you must bring extra clothes to change into dry clothes.
• Always keep plastic bags to save your electric devices from rain or any source of water.
The Zaynul Abedin museum spreads precious knowledge, and the natural beauty around the place is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. However, in any situation, do not compromise with your safety measures.


Zaynul Abedin, the most celebrated artist of our earlier era, had unconditional love for this country. In the year of 1950, he thought of preserving the rural artworks which had wasted in lack of proper attention. So he collected them, and about 1975, he established a gallery containing 70 pieces of artworks, including his drawing and some rare oil paintings.

Though in 1982, while the museum was running with 77 pieces of crafts, unfortunately, 17 among them were stolen by someone. Around ten of them were regained later in 1994. Then after a few years, the National Museum gained authority over the gallery. Several renovations and developments have taken place from that time until now.


Here you will get a brief review where and what to explore while you are planning a trip to Zaynul Abedin Museum. Do not miss any of these adventures during your tour:
• The Sangrahashala
If you have a thoughtful mind for ancient and modern paintings, then this is the place you must visit. There are 800 paintings done by Zaynul Abedin. You can also experience some work of different renowned artists. They have oil paintings around 53 pieces presently and 75 photographs of Abedin's earlier life.
In the middle of the gallery, you would notice materials locked in glass boxes. They are colors, oil, painting brushes, charcoal, tubes, and many other necessary things needed for drawing. Most of them belong to Zaynul Abedin and a few other artists.
• Zaynul Uddan
Zaynul Uddan is a well-decorated place for children. Even if your leading destination is the museum, to reach there, you have to go through the Zaynul Uddan. You can both share knowledge in the museum and have fun in the park afterward with your children.
The place has different rides, including swings, slide, electric trains, and merry go round. Indeed an ideal place to visit with children or plan study tour with students.
• Circuit House Park
The museum is just beside the Circuit House Park. So if you have time, why not grab the opportunity? It is probably the largest open and natural field in Mymensingh. They have a mini zoo and a restaurant of their own—a quiet and comfortable place to spend the afternoon while trying some street foods.
• Brahmaputra River
The Zaynul Abedin Museum, you can locate at the bank of the mesmerizing Brahmaputra River. As you know, the artist spent his childhood here and had lots of memories, so it was the best place to create his memorial so far. The splendid beauty of this river is a loss to ignore while you plan a tour here.

What To Do:

The authorities arrange a discussion party and art competition every year in December. You can take part as a candidate if you are an artist too.
Traveling this close and going back without visiting Brahmaputra River will make you regret it for a very long time.
If you are from the art department, the museum will invest great inspiration for you. Have enough time to analyze the painting and learn more.

Entry Fee
The Zaynul Abedin Museum contains some precious paintings. To experience these, you have to take a ticket of 20 BDT, if you are a Bangladeshi citizen. For the visitors from SAARC, countries have to pay 300 BDT, and for the rest of the foreign people, the entry fee will be 500 BDT.