Milankhari is on the way to the rock or chimbuk, 3km south of Bandarban city. Here’s a police fighter. Standing on the side of the hill, on the eastern side, playing the forbidden green game and breaking the green nature of the tree, the Sangu...


Ridge fall

Bandarban Ruma is located 8 kilometers away on the rails of the road. It is an amazing creation of natural beauty. The frosty waters of the entire spring are flowing here. The water of this water is very transparent. In the rainy season, when the...


Chandranath hill, Sitakunda

Sitakunda is the natural beauty of Lilabhumi. This place is not only a place of great pilgrimage to Hindus but also a very good place to visit. Chandranath hills on the east side of Sitakund and the vast ocean in the west. 4km from Sitakunda market...


War Cemetery

War Cemetery is now one of Chittagong’s tourist spots in the grave of the dead in World War II. It is located in the Mehdibag Golf Hill area of ​​Chittagong. In the Battle of the Indo-Burma in World War, the soldiers of the allied forces who...



Nilchalam tourist center situated on the hills of about 2,000 feet above Bandarban City. Just 5 km away from the city is a lilac area of ​​beautiful beauty located in Tiger Para area. Around the hilly slopes of the horizontal hills, the paved roads...


Dulhajara Safari Park

Dulhazara Safari Park is located 48 kilometers north of Cox’s Bazar district headquarters and 10 kilometers south of Chakaria thana, at Dulahajara block of Fasikkhali range of southern forest division of Cox’s Bazar district headquarters...


Hanging bridge, Rangamati

The main attraction of Rangamati city is Hanging Bridge. Generally, no one comes back from Rangamati without seeing this hanging bridge. At the end of the city of Rangamati, 335-feet-long bridge in Kaptai Lake is one of the most attractive places...


Saqafafang mountain

Not the Kaikrudong or Tajingdong, the head of the mountain is one of the top mountain peaks of the Sakaafafang mountain of Bandarban which is also known as Medak Taung or Modak Tuang. On the ancient maps, this is written by Madal Tung. Someone says...



Jurachhari is located about 57 kilometers from Rangamati headquarters. The meaning of ‘jur’ is cold and the meaning of the word ‘thakhi’ is rhymes or springs. The name of this upazila has been named from Jharachari named...


Pond of god

Khagrachari-Mahalchhari-Rangamati road is 11 km south of the district headquarter, 4 km west of the main road at Nunchari Mauja of Sadar upazila, the position of the peaceful pond of eternal peace. This goddess pond is located on the top of the hill...

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