Category - RANGAMATI


Furomon Hill

The height of Furomon Hill is more than 1.5 thousand feet. The view of entire Rangamati city, Kaptai Lake, mountains of Barkal can be seen from this peak as it is so tall. Tourists can enjoy the fresh air, the trees and bushes, the sky covering with...


Thega River

The source of Thega river is within thousand feet of height inside Bangladesh. It is located approximately 10 km north of three-faced pillar hill which is adjacent to India’s border. Thega river has flowed from it. Then it has fallen to...


Chitmorm Village, Rangamati

All the villages in Bangladesh are beautiful but mountainous villages are more beautiful. Chitmorm village is one of them which is situated on the bank of Karnaphuli river. Marmas live here and they have their own culture. They call it as...


Barkal, Rangamati

Barkal is an Upazila of Rangamati district under Chittagong division which covers total area of 760.88 square km. Tribal people call it as ‘borohol’. It has five Union. Subolong Union is famous of them for its waterfalls and Kaptai Lake...


Dhuppani Waterfall

Dhuppani Jhorna is an amazingly beautiful fountain located in the village of Orachari in Farua Union of Bilaiichhari in Rangamati. The water of this fountain is very transparent and it falls down with a great speed from the rocky walls which is...


Muppochora Waterfall, Bilaichari

Bilaichari is an Upazila which is a part of Rangamati district in south-eastern Bangladesh. The Upazila is covered with waterfalls, hills, forests and lake. Muppochora waterfall is one of the most amazing and greatest waterfall among them. The...



Belaichhari is an Upazila of Rangamati district under Chittagong division. Belaichari has 3 Unions/Wards, 10 Mauzas/Mahallas, and 30 villages. Tourists come here to visit ‘Gachkata Waterfall’, ‘Dumlong Mountain’ mostly.


Kaptai Lake, Karnaphuli, Chittagong

Karnaphuli is the largest river in Chittagong. A large hydroelectric power plant was built in the Kaptai region using this river and a water reservoir named Kaptai lake was formed for this hydropower station. It’s a beautiful blue lake which...



Juraichhari is an upazila of Rangamati district under Chittagong division. The tourist spots of the upazila are Banataigachug Hill, Juraichhari Rajban Bihara. The main rivers are Karnafuli, Salak and a part of kaptai lake falls on the north-western...

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