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Nilchalam tourist center situated on the hills of about 2,000 feet above Bandarban City. Just 5 km away from the city is a lilac area of ​​beautiful beauty located in Tiger Para area. Around the hilly slopes of the horizontal hills, the paved roads...


Saqafafang mountain

Not the Kaikrudong or Tajingdong, the head of the mountain is one of the top mountain peaks of the Sakaafafang mountain of Bandarban which is also known as Medak Taung or Modak Tuang. On the ancient maps, this is written by Madal Tung. Someone says...



Kekrodong is the fifth highest mountain in Bangladesh. Its height is 317 feet. It is located in Ruma upazila of Bandarban of Bangladesh. This time it was the highest mountain of Bangladesh. Although modern research has proved this information wrong...


Dumlong mountain

Dumlong is a mountain of Bangladesh. It is privately claimed to be the second highest mountain in Bangladesh. Although the world’s second highest mountain in Jälong or Medak Mual, in GPS readings Dhamlong is situated in the district of...


Batali Hill

Batali Hill is situated in Tigarpus area of ​​Chittagong, just 1 kilometer away from Zero Point in Chittagong city. It is the highest mountain in the city of Chittagong. Height is about 280 feet. The road of Batali Hill reached the road from Pihala...



Chimbuk, the third largest mountain in Bangladesh Chimbuk is known around the country. The location of Chimbuk hill, 26 kilometers from Bandarban district town. Its height from the sea surface is about 2,500 cubic feet. The mountain scenes on both...


Kamalak Fountain

Trekking from Sueku’s Ruului para two to two and a half hours trekking can be seen by the beautiful Kamalka Jhornati. Kamalak fountain is known to many as Paddam Ekaa Jharna or Sikam Ekaasa Jharna. Sometimes you think you’re on the right...

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