Shah Mahmud Mosque, Kishoreganj

Shah Mahmud Mosque is situated in Egarosindur village of Kishoreganj which was probably built around 1680. This is a square shaped mosque having each sides with a measurement of 5.79m. The mosque has a large dome at its top and it is surrounded by...


Shiv Temple, Gangatia

Shiv temple is situated in Gangatia of Kishoreganj which is about hundred years old. It had a ‘Shiblingo’ made of touchstone which was about 40 maund in weight. But the temple was abandoned about 30 years ago after it was stolen. But now...


Dhanu River, Itna

Itna is an upazila of Kishoreganj district in the division of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The river Dhanu is a tributary of the Meghna and flows through Itna. The mind blowing Aurora was shining beneath the river, which made the whole scenario a pure...