Darasbari Mosque, Shibganj

Darasbari Mosque is situated in Shibganj Upazila of Chapai Nawabganj District, Bangladesh. The local people say it as Dasbari. According to an inscription in 1497 during the reign of restored Iliyas Shahi Sultan Shamsuddin Yousuf Shah (son of Barbak...


Shah Niamatullah Mosque, Shibganj

Shah Niamatullah Mosque is located at Tahkhana complex of Shibganj Upazila, Chapainawabganj. Shah Niamatullah Wali was a great Saint and Sufi master from 14-15th centuries and preached Islam in different places of Chapainawabganj. It is assumed that...


Darasbari Madrasa, Chapainawabganj

Darasbari Madrasa, according to the inscription, was built around 1500AD by Sultan Alauddin Hossen Shah. It is said to be the oldest and 1st madrasa built in Bangladesh which is situated in Shibganj, a part of Chapainawabganj district. The madrasa...


Dhunichok Mosque, Shibganj

Dhunichok Mosque is located at Shibganj upazilla of Chapainawabganj district. The mosque is made of bricks. It is rectangular in structure and surrounded by couple of trees. It has possibly six domes made of rocks, three mihrabs, and five...

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