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Tetulia tea garden

When it comes to the tea garden, it seems like Sylhet or Srimangal. The tall trees and hill surrounded by high bushy green tea trees But the tea gardens on flat lands can not be understood when Panchagarh does not come. Organic tea planted green tea...


Kanchanjunga from Panchagarh

Panchagarh is the district of Bangladesh in Bangladesh, from where it is seen Kanchenjunga, which is surrounded by about 288 kilometers of border wall of India. North of Darjeeling district of India. There is a historic dakbungalow in Tentulia...



Thakurgaon is a district under Rangpur division which is in the north-western side of Bangladesh and borders India to the west. Thakurgaon consists of 5 upazilas, 6 thanas, 53 unions, 647 mouzas and 1016 villages. It is a beautiful district and it...