Humans are extraordinary creatures.when we see something we fancy or go someplace we admire, we tend to take notes on that particular thing which later on becomes a memory.What makes a human remarkable is the fact that he can share this memory with another human being who probably hasn’t experienced it himself but still gets the taste of it anyway.Story telling is such kinda trip where it takes you to places you have never been, makes you believe in the magic of those places & excites you to go there yourself.Today I’m gonna take you to one such trip with me.A trip to my memory lane where every brick is filled with memories from different places.Birishiri of Netrokona is one of those bricks.Lets go, shall we?


Birishiri :


If anyone asks me to make a list of the most underrated tourist places of the country,Birishiri would probably be one of them.In fact I had no idea about the immense beauty that lies here until I went there myself.The colorful pathways to the hills, ceramic mountains, blue water of the mountain’s valley, Someshwari river, never ending green countryside-all of these make the whole place such a picturesque sight that one can’t help but want to capture it in lenses.Or in pens & memories which I personally prefer.

How to go:

Birishiri of Durgapur is located at Netrokona about 170km north from Dhaka.It is a remote area as it’s almost on the border side so transportation systems & roads aren’t well developed.So best way to go there by road from Dhaka.You can take direct bus from Mohakhali Bus Terminal of Dhaka. Bus rent is 250-350 tk/person.You can also travel by train.But it includes changes of trains two times an added CNG journey to reach Birishiri.So overall to avoid waste of time direct bus journey is far better.It will take 6-7 hours to reach by bus& the last leg of the journey would be bumpy as roads are very underdeveloped.

Bus route: Dhaka-Mymensingh-Shamgonj-jaria-Janjhail-Birishiri of Durgapur

Train route: 1st train:Dhaka-Mymensingh

                      2nd train(any local train):Mymensingh-Jaria



Where to stay :

There are few guest houses & hotels in Birishiri.They are located near the place where the bus drops you off.YMCA guest house,YWCA guest house,Swarna guest house are most of them. Rents are 300-400 tk per night.


What to eat:

You can order food from a local caretaker if you stay at the YMCA. Besides that there are few poorly structured food shops near the guest house area.But while moving in Birishiri, you need to remember that food shops or restaurants are not available in that area.So whenever you find a food shop,you should eat properly.

Places to visit :

-Garo hills

-BGB camp


-Someshwari river

-Susang Durgapur jamidarbari

The main attraction of Birishiri is the ceramic hills of Durgapur & the Someshwari river lined with intoxicating verdant. Every part of the hills is adorned with different colors. Somewhere it’s pale pink, somewhere light yellow, somewhere mixed with blue & copper red & somewhere creamy white. As if this colorful sight wasn’t enough, just at the base of the hills there is a valley filled with bluish green water.The lake doesn’t have much water except for the rainy season, that’s why the little water take the reflection of those colorful hills & becomes a calm bluish mirror.This whole scenario almost looks like a painting.A beautiful, colorful painting where the artist threw a lot of colors which got scattered in the mountains & few of those dropped into the valley water as well.

Someshwari river is 40 tk distance away by auto rickshaw. Sometimes this river is as breezy and green as a little child & sometimes it is as slow & silver as an old person. But no matter which version of Someshwari you get to see the sparkling water would always bring joy to your mind. You can also add a boat ride to increase this joy which will cost 60tk per head.


Transportation system: 

Transportation is very limited in Birishiri. Rickshaws & Autos are the only means. You can book them for 500-600tk to travel to all the places of tourist attraction. It’s better to take an auto rickshaw or CNG as the driver can act as a guide. Bikes are also available. Costs will be 500 per bike where 2 people can sit. But no matter what kinda transport you use, if you wanna experience the untamed & untouched beauty of Birishiri you have to get to the heart of it & for this you need to walk a lot.


2000-2200tkper head. Budget will be far less if there’s at least 3 or 4 people. Then it will be around 1600-1800tk.


Tips for travelers:

Winter is the best season to visit Birishiri. But as it’s on the northern side, you need to take enough warm clothes to protect yourself from the cold. There are hills, muddy roads, broken pathways so wear comfortable shoes. Be sure to hire a local guide to navigate your way. Carry water bottles as you won’t find shops that easily everywhere. Lastly but most importantly-don’t throw the waste here and there. Be a sensible & responsible tourist.