Dumlong is a mountain of Bangladesh. It is privately claimed to be the second highest mountain in Bangladesh. Although the world’s second highest mountain in Jälong or Medak Mual, in GPS readings Dhamlong is situated in the district of Bailichari in the south-eastern Rangamati district of Bangladesh. The height of the mountain is 3,314 feet. It is one of the highest mountains of Rangamati district and one of the 3 mountains of the country’s height of 1000 meters. GS readings – 3315 ft.

Google Artha sees this as the second highest peak in the country. It was called Rengstang as the highest point of the Rantaltang, once. The locals of Rongtalang called the Dumuraung dumlong. Dumlong is basically a Zirriba small hill river, which is a few kilometers north of the mountains, mixed in the Rakhan river. As a source of this genre, the peacock is also called dumlong. Dhamlong’s three quarries – the northern peak, the western extremity and the original quartz.

Due to the location of Dumlong’s location: 22.0414 ° N, 92.5839 ° E