Batali Hill is situated in Tigarpus area of ​​Chittagong, just 1 kilometer away from Zero Point in Chittagong city. It is the highest mountain in the city of Chittagong. Height is about 280 feet. The road of Batali Hill reached the road from Pihala Patha by the side of the Fahim Music in the north of Ispahani Bourse in the Lalkhan Bazar area of ​​Chittagong city and behind the magistrate colony. This Battali Hill is again known as ‘Jilpi Hills’. The reason is that the road leading up the hill has climbed up like a scorpion-like pitch. As a result, there is a great feeling in the other side of the mountain peak. The highest peak is called the hundredth place. The entire Chittagong city is seen as the highest peak of Batali Hill.

During the Second World War, an air-disinfected cannon was placed at the top of the hill of Batali.