Shuvalong Jhorna falls in Barkal upazila of Rangamati district. The clear water stream of this spring makes tremendous feel in the heart of tourists. The Shuvolong Waterfall water falls below 300 feet high in the rainy season, and is fascinated by tourists’ excursions. At present, some installations have been made by the upazila administration in this area. The distance from Rangamati to Shuvalong is only 25 kilometers. Rangamati’s beautiful beauty will be seen while going on the way to the pavement of the mountain. The simple, simple life of the people of indigenous people of Lake, Sharna, the vast blue sky, hills here will confuse you. Wherever you look here, only the hills and Kaptai Lake water will be noticed. The whole of the vast Kaptai Lake, with the grace of the mountains, has kept the mountains with a lot of grace. The clouds of the sky and its blueprows play a hinge, in the lake’s lake, away from the mountains, and disappear, and see how it is, Lake. It can be said that the natural beauty of the city pulls you here.