Sitakunda is the natural beauty of Lilabhumi. This place is not only a place of great pilgrimage to Hindus but also a very good place to visit. Chandranath hills on the east side of Sitakund and the vast ocean in the west.

4km from Sitakunda market Chandranath hills are located earlier. You can walk on foot or rickshaw to the Chandranath hill. But walking on foot is different from the reason, because the small hill ranges ranging from Chandranath hill ranges have started from Basakund. On the way to Chandranath hill, you will see some religious structures of Hindus. There are also some ethnic people living here, who are known as Tripura and there are some villages here. If you go to the bottom of the mountain you will see the zum hit on the hill. Inside the deep hills you will see a garden of flowers cultivated. There are many fountains, but you can see only one fountain on the way to Chandranath hill, the way from the place of the hill is divided into two parts, the road on the right is almost entirely the stairs and the road on the left is all the way to the mountains, there are some broken stairs. The easy way to move through the left side is easy and to get through the right stairs, but you can use the path as you wish.

There is another waterfalls near the Sita Temple, but it has dried up, other fountains are located in deep forests. When the leaves of the trees wash in the rainy season, clean and refreshing, it looks very beautiful to look at the mountains, it seems to be full grown. But rising in the rainy season is very dangerous.

This is a good picnic spot, but not so much better than the others. There is a huge ground beside the bayasakunda which can be used for caring, cooking and for various purposes. However, there is no provision for drinking water, you will have to eat water or buy bottled water from the shop.