Luckkhana (Lokkhonchora) is a long way from Sylhet city, which is located in Gowainghat upazila of Sylhet. Panthumai / Panatumai is not far from the fountain, but a little away from Bishanakandi. So, on the way back from Panthumai or Panthumai, before leaving the fountain, come back from Lucknow. On the return of Barhil / Panthumai waterfalls, start the walk in the nearby villages and find the way of Lucknow Chhara. Run the rows of Indian border along the border of the village and run away from the crops. Lakhshanchara will be available after about 20 minutes. This place is like a bedding, but there is a small, more picturesque, rock-cut path that has come down from India’s fountain. There is also a bridge for movement on the Indian border. At the bottom of this bridge, a large number of bigger stones have come up in an unusual way to create a beautiful beautiful way, which is very pleasant to see. The tourists crowd to see the beauty of this rocky path. Its shape is alluring in the rainy season.

To convert these three places to Bichanakandi-Lucknowchara-Panthumai, the cost of the boat will be around 1100-1500 taka. Ask whether Lakhshanchara is a Chinese or not, it will be asked beforehand whether it will be learned. It will take about 5 hours to return to the three places roughly returning to Haderpara. So, by going to Sylhet, you can eat or pack lunch in Gowainghat market. You have to go from Gowaing Ghat to Haderpara. You can go to Haderpara easily with the CNG from the Gowaing Ghat market. Rent will be Tk 40 each If someone goes straight to Hartapar with CNG from Amberkhana in Sylhet City, then do not forget to eat Gori Miyar Bhuna Khichuri of Hodparpar.



You will be traveling to Panthumai, Bisanakandi and Lucknow Chhara renting a boat. Because they are all on one route, one boat can be covered in one day.

When will you go

The beauty of the city of Sylhet can be enjoyed only in rainy season. Besides, during the rainy season, the liberation war will be rejuvenated.