Moheshkhali Island, Cox’s Bazar

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Moheshkhali is a sub-district under Cox’s Bazar district and its total area is about 388 square kilometers. This region is also served as a bowl region of Cox’s Bazar which is known for its beauty and tranquility. It is the only mountainous island of Bangladesh. It is also known as Moheshkhali island. The island is surrounded with forested hills and mangrove trees alongside the coastal beach. Some rickshaw-pullers patiently offer the tourists to have a unique tour of the island. Tourists can have the natural view of low range hills, mangrove forests and hilly areas. There are some other attractive places here such as, Buddhist temple, a shrine of Adinath on the hill, salt field, Sonadia island etc.


There are some buses starting from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar whose details are given below.

Green Line 0341-62533
Hanif Enterprise 0341-64170
Shamoli Paribahan 0443449934

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